TBS Ground Handling Company

Complete Flight Planning - Permits - Handling - Fuel - Charter Worldwide

TBS GE Obtaining over-flight and landing permits. We are specialised in obtaining Caucasus and Worldwide permits. We guarantee on time permit acquisitions.

TBS GE Handling assistance. Don't get lost with the heavy traffic of handling companies. Our English, Russian,Turkish and Greek-speaking supervisors will give you the best service that the crew and the passengers deserve. They will be dealing with a dedicated personnel for all inquiries.

TBS GE Special fuel rates. All pilots know domestic fuel would be cheaper. We supply fuel to some Caucasus stations. Check our competitive prices. Into wing and all included. You will not see any surprises on your invoices.

TBS GE Catering. Specialities from Caucasus and international kitchen.

TBS GE Credit facilities for handling, landing, catering, fuel and hotel payments. Stop running around the airport for your payments. We will extend credit for all payments and bill all on one invoice.

TBS GE Crew/passengers immigrations and customs assistance. Our experienced supervisors will assist crew and passengers through immigrations, customs and visa formalities.

TBS GE Hotel reservations and ground services. We have competitive room rates from five stars well known international hotels.

TBS GE Airport and Enroute slots

TBS GE ATC and Computer Flight Plans

TBS GE Notams and Weather reports

TBS GE International ground handling arrangements.

TBS handling company - Complete Flight Planning - Permits - Handling - Fuel - Charter Worldwide

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