Aircraft ground handling company

Your flight support and competence center

Aircraft ground handling

TBS - your flight support and competence center for your aviation needs.

We offer a wide range of services to aircraft owners, charter companies and individuals operating one aircraft or more.

This is also the right place to charter any aircraft for worldwide charterflights.

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Company profile

Since providing services to our first customer in 1999, Handling company "TBS" LTD, founded by some aviation specialist has been operating as a Supervision & Representation Company,in accordance with the regulations of the International Air Transport Association IATA.

The company is fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Georgia and all relevant government authorities.

Our Headquarters are located in Tbilisi and we have offices at every major international and domestic airport throught Caucasia: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Senaki, Poti, Telavi, Marneuli, Yerevan, Baku, Kabul.

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Professional services

  • Obtaining over-flight and landing permits
  • Handling assistance
  • Special fuel rates
  • Catering: Caucasus and international kitchen available
  • Credit facilities for handling, landing, catering, fuel and hotel payments
  • Crew/passengers immigrations and customs assistance
  • Hotel reservations and ground services
  • Airport and Enroute slots
  • ATC and Computer Flight Plans
  • Notams and Weather reports
  • International ground handling arrangements

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